Tuesday, July 8, 2008

From Ellis to Vicars Island

I am doing the blog for my mom today. Here are some neat pictures that I took at Ellis and Vicars Island, and the Statue of Liberty with my new camera. I hope you enjoy!!

By:Kristianna W.

Wesley at our aunt's house
playing with their Jack Russell's.

Isabel replanting her Princess Pine on top of Black Mountain.

The Williams' kids on top of Black Mountain.

Isabel and I on the dock of the island we were staying at. I want to be a life guard during the summers when I get older. I practiced saving Wesley and Isabel and learned how to do the lifeguard jump. Overall, I had fun!!:)

Storm a comin'! Unfortunately we got stuck on a boat waiting to get back to N.J.! The best part was running to our car in the rain!!:)

Me at the Statue of Liberty.

Me at Ellis Island.

Ellis Island was very pretty and we really enjoyed it!

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Betsy said...

Kristianna ~ what a great blog entry! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Tell your mom hello...and that your dad looked lonely at church on Sunday! :)