Saturday, June 28, 2008

Avoiding thistles, finding puddles, and having fun!

Kris finished the upstairs floor and has started to frame the doorways upstairs. Wendy and her kids came for a visit. We had a fun-filled couple of days with our FL friends. We took a hike at John Bryan and the kids decided that going through water areas was much more fun then walking across stones! Our radishes are ready. Our first crops! :)
Enjoy your weekend.


Betsy said...

We have plenty of thistles....but only pick strawberries in the garden as of yet! :) The radishes look wonderful!

Betsy said...'s been 5 days! I'm ready for a new post here! How's the house? How's the company? How's the garden? :)

marciawilliams said...

Hey, Betsy!
We are back. I hope to catch up on the blog...just after I catch up on laundy and working 3 days.