Friday, July 18, 2008


There are times that you need to purposefully inflict what appears to be damage to a project in order to bring it to completion. That is where construction is at this point today. It does seem to be an accurate summation of what is going on inside the house as well...namely with the residents!
Kris is busy working on coordinating inspections, readying the walls for electric and plumbing, and making sure things run as smoothly as possible. Up until this point the weather and his health were his biggest schedule busters. Now there are ditches, permits, and people to make or break his plans. There is also the unending task of finding things very specific to building our log home...just the right size drill bit to go through huge beams or a supplier for metal for these long electric "trenches". These pictures show the kind of work that occupied Kris today.
We had a great time seeing family and getting away on the two trips since I've last posted but there has been a lot to juggle to make that all happen. I found myself thinking this week that work has really become an obstacle to my social life!! :) Someone at work asked me for some patterns this week and I found myself becoming depressed. I know I have the ones she needed but as to which box it is in is yet to be determined.
At this point we are feeling some of the "holes" in our walls. We know they are temporary and a means to an end but they are holes just the same. I am looking forward to new mercies tomorrow after a full night of SLEEP.

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