Thursday, July 24, 2008


When I was training for a marathon my friend Jenny and I preferred run our long runs early in the morning. Our goal was to be finishing our long miles as the sun was rising. I was thinking tonight how I still prefer to run in the mornings but I love to we working in the garden as the sun is setting. It is so enjoyable to watch the sky turn colors as you fix up your little spot of earth. :)
As I was working I was thinking of other people's gardens that I have witnessed this summer and would like to mention a few of them. My brother John's garden had the largest tomato plants I have seen this year! My brother David's garden was sweet and sad to me because of all the work he put into it and I got to see it just before he packed up his house to move away. I sure hope one of his renters enjoys his efforts. My friend Betsy's garden is special to me although I have never seen it. I love how she shares my enthusiasm and her recipes and also how we share the same rain storms! :) My parents' garden in NY seemed much smaller then I remember growing up. It now contains more comfrey then tomatoes but is still very memorable. My in-laws garden has to be one of the cutest gardens. I know they have had bigger gardens in years past but a few plants now keeps them busy enough to garden and travel. I also appreciate the table at the back of our church where people can leave extra produce from their gardens to share with others. There would be an extra special award for someone to guarantee me that raising children is just like raising a garden. :)
On the building front Kris is hoping to have the rough plumbing inspection tomorrow.
Enjoy your weekend!


Betsy said...

I loved this! Oh my, that would be sad to bring a garden along almost to the harvest and then move away! I spent an afternoon ridding my garden of thistles! They grow so big and tall that they shade all the "real" plants!

So you like spaghetti squash? Looks like I may have a few more than we could ever eat. :)

Have a nice weekend! :) Hope the inspection goes well, too!

marciawilliams said...

I love all kinds of squash! It amazes me how quickly plants seems like there is nothing there and then there is a harvest!