Friday, September 19, 2008

Hurricane Ike Hits Ohio

This is Heidi posting from sunny Florida for Marcia...Kris & Marcia, along with 900,000 other people in Ohio, have no electricity. They say it could take 3-14 days to restore, it has been a week already. Kris, Marcia & kids returned to Ohio on Monday, from Pete & Karen's wedding in Dallas, just after Hurricane Ike hit Ohio as a Category 1 Hurricane (wind only). Who would have thought that would happen! Here we were in Dallas not far from where it was a direct hit, only to get a rainy day at the most and it travels all the way up to Ohio. They have some shingles missing, no power, etc. Marcia said to tell you they are all doing well. The kids are back in school (where there is power), and the log home building process is continuing. Suddenly I'm reminded of that show "Little House on the Prairie" and sitting around the log home at night by candlelight. Kris, do you have a fiddle??

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