Thursday, September 25, 2008

Details emerging


Betsy said...

Wow....those watermelons are awesome! Next year I'm getting some gardening tips from you!

Love the counter tops! I need to come over and pet them! :)

Love the slide show of the wedding! Her dress looks like it's supposed to be like matches the cake! And I can tell who had the camera as there aren't any pics of you! It's always that way here, too! :)

Thanks for the feel better wishes. Hasn't happened yet, but eventually...hopefully....ugh!

marciawilliams said...

Pet them...I feel like that is what I have been doing. Standing in front of the huge counters and sink and wonder what I will make first. Probably serve Colonial pizza! :)
I think we let the watermellons go a week too long but they are still pretty good.

marciawilliams said...

Oh...I found two of me from Heidi's pics! :) Sadly I realize I have more of Isabel then the bride and groom. I don't know what that says about me.

Betsy said...

OK..I will be over soon to pet them and help you decide what to cook! :) I can only imagine the anticipation as it builds...20 years ago next month our house was being completed and that feeling is so wonderful!