Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Applesauce and what the search revealed...

Our church has a table in the back for people to bring in and share extra produce. On Sunday we got some apples in hopes that our power would be back on to make some applesauce. This morning Isabel and I started the process. While they were cooking I went to get my food mill and remembered that I have not used it since FL (3 moves ago!) and was not sure where to find the vital piece of kitchenware. I decided to go to the pile of boxes. I was fortunate to find a huge box in the beginning of the pile but at the bottom labeled "pots and pans". It seemed like a good place to begin. I still had Isabel with me and she got a bit distracted over the toys that were in the way. :) When I opened the box I was SHOCKED to find our summer clothes in that box as well! I guess when we moved in October from Cedarville to here we packed them up and that happened to be a box that had extra room. I have looked for them since March but now find them at the end of September!

This experience made me think of how the women that I respect in my life would have handled all of this. I know some that would have never had a pile, those that would have already been using it, those who would have used the mill as a decorative piece, and those who would have done a better job with labeling boxes then I apparently did! As Sharie would remind me in one of our moves, I need to remember the end result. It is hard to stay organized at this point when you know that another move is coming. When I packed these boxes the kids had dressers. They will again soon but for a year in the middle life has had some interesting moments!

I am not sure I will ever eat applesauce again without remembering this moment. Isabel just told me that this is the best applesauce she's ever had and it's cool enough to eat. I'm off to try a bite!

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Betsy said...

Oh, what a funny story! You will enjoy opening up all of those boxes in a few weeks as you move in. I know you are looking forward to it! Maybe we'll have an Indian Summer and everyone can wear something "new". :)