Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stability and coverage

Part of my dilemma as a photographic journalist is trying to include pictures that convey enough information to people that know a lot more about the subject matter then I do. For instance my brother-in-law builder in CO has called a few times after I have posted some building pictures to ask Kris about an element I didn't think was important to photo. Today as I was asking Kris and Dad W. what pictures Josh would like to see my Father-in-law told me I needed to show some stability. I think that most people would like to see progress. I hope these selection of pictures show enough of the story!
Other pieces of the "story"....Mom K. birthday today...4 babies born in 10 min. at work this morning...70's in the house today with the windows open...finding out we are going to be surrounded with winter wheat and soybeans this year...discovering a lone yellow tulip growing in the middle of comfrey! The other piece is this...blogger won't let me post my pictures right now. I'll put them through when I am allowed. Sorry about that. :+

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