Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The roof boards are up and now covered with a layer of tar paper. Eddie and Dad W. worked hard today and finished before Dad got a call that tomorrow is jury duty! :) Pete G. also came over and helped Kris tonight. Kris is restricted in lifting but able to supervise. My brother David asked me today if they put a rod in Kris's back with a chain attached to keep him down!
On the way home from church we turned on our road and saw the most unusual but pretty picture. I hope the that as the sun set tonight you were able to look at your world in a new light as well.


Betsy said...

Beautiful sunset! I'm so glad you had friends to come and help ...but I'm not surprised as that seems to be the spirit in this community! Thinking about you!

Suzie said...

Oh my goodness, that photo of the sunset looks like it should be from an exotic country. That is amazing.