Friday, September 4, 2009

Instrument change

My older children have been taking piano since they were 5. This past year Wes has expressed interest in a band instrument. When he got to try out different horns our house was buzzing with a new kind of enthusiasm. We heard something like this.
"Mom, I liked the trumpet. I couldn't quite figure out how to blow into it well but I thought I could learn. I thought I could see myself playing it for a few years. When I picked up the saxophone it was completely different. It was I could see my career in front of me!
Career or no career we are excited with some new musical energy in the house. Smudge, however, likes these new blasts as much as the noise of a nail gun and spent a lot of time running to his box! :)
Enjoy your new musical avenue, Wes. Dad said you can practice anytime in Aunt Susan's stairwell!!


Betsy said...

That is so cute! I'm glad he's excited! :)

marciawilliams said...

I am too! I never realized music could be so dramatic.