Wednesday, September 16, 2009

20 minute tasks

12 years ago my Bible study leader told a bunch of newish moms that she couldn't tell us how to get more hours in our day but she could come over and peek in the windows for us now and then. Thinking of that has helped me in my crazy schedule.
I have discovered a tool that has been very helpful to me. Instead of being overwhelmed I try to work at a task for 20 minutes. My watch has a timer feature that repeats itself.
I have found the following tasks to be able to become nearly completed in this alloted time frame: a quick run, walking Smudge, a workout video, a shower, a nap, cleaning a room, reading my Bible, calling a few friends, making a batch of muffins, helping with homework, a trip to and from town, an adult conversation, reading a story, making a quick meal, folding laundry, checking email, and cleaning bathrooms. I often remind myself that finished is better than perfect. My days seem to be divided into 72 segments! OK... My timer is now alarming and I am off to another task. ;)

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