Monday, May 5, 2008

other quotables

I knew there were other quotes when I posted last but they escaped me at the time. I'll post two of them now before I forget again.
-When walking by the deli section of the grocery store Isabel exclaimed "Oh, look Momma! It's a Ferris wheel for chickens!" (rotisserie chickens)
-Apparently we watch Extreme Home Make-over a little too much. When we were looking in the log home at her room, Isabel stopped and said "It's going to be so sad when they tear the garage down." :)


Suzie said...

Oh, how cute! She is precious. Does she still remember that I taught her how to sing?
I bet it is tough to keep Kris busy these days. I hope he gets well soon, so he can be back up on the roof.
Say Hello to Pete G.

marciawilliams said...

Yes, 3 years of being a Mom and it took a trained teacher to teach her! :)