Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's back to conventional construction techniques! I think Kris and his dad are appreciating a change of pace as the dormers are going up. Enjoy the progress!


Betsy said...

I love all these pictures of the progress on the house. Funny how the cross supports makes it look like a church is being built! :)
What gorgeous weather we are having for Kris and Company to work outside...not too hot and a nice breeze!

marciawilliams said...

When Isabel saw the dormer on Wesley's room she asked her Dad and Grandpa if they could put a cross on her dormer too. That was the first time we noticed it!
We are having a bit more then a breeze. The wind gusts out here are pretty amazing and have actually made working on the roof rather exciting! It is fun to see how two little spots can make the house look so different.

Betsy said...

You must be having more wind that we are here in town. It's just a gentle breeze that makes my windchime sing! Hope nobody blows off the roof! ;) Yes, the dormers make a huge difference! It's looking sooooo great!

Betsy said...

Got to meet your sister, Susan, this morning! She's sweet, just like you! ;)