Thursday, May 8, 2008

The back portion of the roof now has insulation, OSB boards, and heavy ice-guard tar paper on it. It looks similar to the previous pictures but all of this has taken 3 days to accomplish. We had our second inspection this week as well. All is looking well. In the blur of working consecutive nights I missed out on a highlight this week. I made dinner and left for work. Dad and Kris were worn out from putting in a days' work on the roof and anticipating all the OSB boards that would have to be moved from the lawn to the roof the next day. 4 guys from our church showed up and in that hour and a half made this all happen! Thanks so much Jeremy and whoever else came with you. The back of the roof is shingle-ready! I pray our home will always reflect all the kind and hospitable hands that helped to build it.
Oh...Wesley was Chicken Little last night at a school performance. His beak broke before the picture!


Betsy said...

Looking great! I don't remember seeing the back of your house, so that was new and interesting to me. Wesley looks cute...even without the beak! :)

marciawilliams said...

Thanks, Betsy! Have a great week.