Thursday, January 3, 2008

A great date to skate

I am guessing that you have all had days that begin with the potential for a really bad attitude! Today was one of those mornings. I think nothing quite says you are all grown up like the prospect of spending your birthday working the first of three nights in a row and with Kris away in FL. I honestly don't know why this was bothering me. After so many years you would think it should just be another day and it is in fact another day. I decided to move on and focus on my kids only having a few days left of Christmas break. It was then that I remembered they still had one Christmas gift that I had almost forgotten about. SKATES!
We bundled up for the 16 degree weather and headed to downtown Dayton to an outdoor rink at RiverScape. I know I have posted pictures of the Little Miami River but this was on the banks of the Great Miami River. It was perfect for us. They had a little fire set up and ice guards. The best part was aside for the $2 in hot chocolate and the $1 for parking it was free! We had SO much fun. This was the first time Wesley and Isabel had been on the ice. Isabel will need a few more coaching lessons but the older two did great. I even had some time to skate when Kristianna was working with Bel for a bit. It wasn't quite the pond in the back of the property I grew up with but it was still a special memory for us all.

Isabel began to get cold after an hour and had to be wrapped in my coat. She was sad tonight that she left the ice early and insisted on sleeping with her skates!
Stay warm and have a fun weekend.

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