Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Forces of Nature

It's hard to fathom the difference between last night and today in our weather. Today I am thinking about donning a pair of sunglasses because the sunshine streaming through the windows is almost blinding. Last night those same windows were dark but the wind howling behind them made Kris and I go outside around midnight to try to discover the sounds of bumps in the night. We had heard on the TV that there were reports of 70-mile-an-hour winds. We weren't quite prepared for what we heard. The wind nearly blew us over! Smudge's dog house (the bumps we heard) was now nestled up against my car. There were a few tarps on our logs that were threatening to take flight! We hurried in the wind and cold to gather rocks and weight them all down. The temp. dropped 30 degrees. It was hard to get to sleep after that!
On the building front Kris is still working on prep-work for installing "Goliath". That is the name for the 32.5 ft. tie-beam that will be placed on Monday. It's huge and needs the supporting walls ready to hold it up. It also required Kris to build stairs going down into the basement so Kris could actually get to materials needed to build these walls. Here are the new steps. And how often do you get to skate in your dining room? :) I had to take a shot of Isabel doing this! You can see some to the results of the wind last night from looking at the tarps. I think Katahdin Log Homes got some free flying publicity today as some of the tarps with their logo and name seemed to have flown away.

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