Thursday, August 9, 2007

Trying to keep cool with family and friends

Progress in the heat...that is what these past few days have been about. While the guys are building, the kids and I have been out on the property but also have been trying to keep cool. Here is the garage. They have done so much to it! We also had a pump placed in the well and I was actually able to water my trees from our well! It takes a 90+ degree day to appreciate 54 degree water. It was great.

Yesterday the Bolenders invited the kids to come swim in their pool. They had a blast playing with their friends!

Today Catherine and her girls and my niece Anna came to see us. While Catherine and I were watering the kids were playing a game in the shade of the garage. After we all were too warm we went to splash in the river. Later we went rock climbing and out for ice cream. We are enjoying having them here!
Yes, that really is dirt all over Wesley. He was showing off his new invention (see previous post)!

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