Sunday, August 12, 2007


Whew! We have had a busy end to the week! We had a lot of help this week and have helped to make the work much more pleasant as well as speedy. Kris's parents spent the week here, Catherine and her family came, and Peter Gayer also was here this week. Thanks, everybody!


Andi Pacecca said...

Hey Guys!
Can't believe the progress in the heat! So glad that you are safe and that the kids are being such troopers! They always are! Love the scrap wood creations!
Hugs to everyone!
We start school this week- how about your kids? What will Isabel do?
Hey- stick in some pics of your apt in Zenia!
Glad that you got to do some visiting and continue to have good friends come and help!

Andi Pacecca said...

I mean, that's Xenia!