Sunday, August 19, 2007

Memorable weekend memories

This weekend we have been so blessed to see a lot of familiar faces! Cedarville University welcomed their new students back this weekend which means that we got to see C. J., Alexis, and Mandy and their families. It will be so great for us to be able to see them while they are here!

Susan and my brother Stephen drove up this weekend from the Raleigh area for a wedding. Since Stephen had never been to Ohio or seen Cedarville it was fun to show him around. The three of us ran to Indian Mound in some very nice weather.
It seems that there isn't much more to show of the garage that
hasn't been seen yet. I am hoping to be able to post Kris's weekend project tomorrow! :) Stay tuned. In case you are wondering what the place looks like now and how we are watering all these little trees and such, here are two pictures to give you a visual. Hope your weekend was filled with as many happy memories.

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