Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rocks and Trees

The kids and I spent most of the morning transplanting little seedlings to where the mower won't bother them. The kids refer to them as Christmas trees and they do smell like them. We are not entirely sure what kind they are or how about 50 of them have ended up on our place but we decided to give them a better chance at life. If you click on this picture you may see orange flags that are markers. They are on the back and right side of our rectangle now. While we were digging them up we found A LOT of rocks that bother the mower so began piling them up to pick up later. Kris spent most of the day working on anchor bolts and getting ready for the Kinsey brothers to join us tomorrow. It rained on and off all day today and was in the 70's. It was a nice day to be planting but a little muddy. The rest of the day was actually spent on laundry! :)

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Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! Bird eggs, planting trees, removing rocks by hand, cooling off in a stream... I totally have this image in my mind of you 5 as a frontier family building a house in a wild, unsettled land. You know, like the Ingalls. If you say that you're moving into a soddy for the winter I wouldn't be surprised! :) Kidding. The kids must be loving this! I hope you and Kris are, too (and that your muscles aren't too sore). :)