Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Birthday!

This was a day to connect with our special friends from FL. We were honored to spend McKayla Kinsey's 11th birthday with her in Ohio. Kristianna was so thrilled to be with her best friend on such a big day. She wrote her a song! If you think these little birds are cute, you should see Isabel show you what they look like with their little mouths open! This is the same nest from a picture posted earlier. They have hatched are are apparently hungry. Kris and Vern got all the sub flooring on today. The place is starting to take shape. It is so exciting to see progress. While they were adding structure to walls, Jen and I took the kids to climb walls...at the mall and at Cedarville. They had a lot of fun with their friends today.

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Andi Pacecca said...

Hey Guys!
I just got this web address from Heidi so we're excited now to be able to see your progress! I saw it all.
Taylor was so jealous to see Isabel on a tractor!
Glad to hear that you have had help and visitors at all the right times!
How is work? Are you getting to know the girls?
Is Susan still with you? Does she have a job lined up for the school year?
Glad to hear that Isabel is doing well!
So glad to hear that Kris's incident was only minor! We won't take your family's safety for granted, but pray for that with our daily prayers for your progress and adjustment!
Jessie Sitton has Kris's old room, but everyone is still calling it 'Kris's room'- even the ladies in the office. School won't be the same without him!
You probably heard that Marji Zimmerman is in heaven and Collin Senka is the new Children's Pastor!
When do the kids start school?
We're going home to NJ on Fri for several days. Teachers go back Aug 8.
Can't believe you're doing all that work in this blazing heat! Sounds like it's just as hot there!
LOVE you guys, we'll check in often!
Bob, Andi, Brianna, Taylor