Monday, July 30, 2007

Helping with other walls...

First of all, here is the most current view. It now has some walls above it but they are not up yet so this is how it looks. I was a little envious of the speed that Extreme Home Makeover was able to complete this step! :) We spent a bit of this weekend with some friends and family helping out with some of their projects. Kris went to Vonn's house and I don't have any pictures of that. The kids and I went to PA to see some of my family.

We hadn't seen David, Joanie, and their girls in over 3 years and they had never met Isabel. It was fun catching up with them even for a short while. We got to see the house that Peter and Amanda are restoring and help out there for a while. Catherine, Mark, and their girls hosted this adventure. It was a lot of fun and in one day my kids got to see 8 of their cousins. Kris's parents are coming up today for the week so hopefully the house pictures will start to look a little more exciting!

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