Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Day Away

We just returned from visiting Amish Country here in Ohio. We had a fun and full day. The kids seemed to enjoy seeing Lehmans', a woodcraft store, a chocolate shop, and a bakery. On the way home we saw an exit that had the name of the Ohio Kinseys' town so we decided to make an impromptu stop! It was neat to be able to catch up with them again and see the house that they are building themselves. Vonn has been to our place to help Kris a few times and our kids are getting to know each other after hearing about them from the Florida Kinseys'. My Dad used to always have a saying growing up that if a fence could hold water it could hold a goat. I cannot tell you how many times we had to attempt to contain our herd growing up. It was an ongoing battle. Vonn K. had a very innovative way of keeping his dark-haired goat inside it's fence and I had to take a picture as we were leaving tonight. He said that it now has a prosthetic device. Do I need to mention that he is an engineer? This solution cracked me up! Notice the horns...now the goat cannot get it's head stuck in the fence again! Good old duct tape and ingenuity.

Notice the snow in some of the pictures! We also drove past the Longaberger basket place. It was quite impressive from the road.

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Betsy said...

Look at all that yummy cheese!
I've toured the Longaberger place...very neat! :)