Monday, September 17, 2007

What we've been up to...

"So they are moving, just like us?" Isabel asked? "Yes. Almost just like us." How do you explain all these moving things to a 3-year-old? We got to spend Friday night in Columbus with Noah and Amelia and their parents. They are moving to Germany for 9 months and it was great to let the kids spend time with their cousins. They had so much fun together! Thanks, Krista and Adam for having us over. You will be in our prayers as you travel.

Plumbing and electrical inspections have passed. I hope this picture is as interesting to you as it is exciting for us! We are looking forward to being on site as soon as we can. Have a great week. I will post more when I am able. Technology is a little slower these days.

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Andi Pacecca said...

Love to see all the pictures!Labor Day was started in Cedarville? Didn't know that! Looked like fun! Can't believe you are in transition again! You guys are so flexible-always doing what needs to be done!
A sleep deprived 3 yr old?! Oh my. We praised the Lord over your good report!!
the garage-house looks great! How exciting! email me sometime:
Love, Andi