Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Very Grateful Day

This morning I could not help but remember how my life changed 2 years ago when Isabel had her 1.45 hour-long seizure that changed our lives in so many ways. It seemed that our sweet little girl would never be the same. How could we know that she we be fine and we would be the most affected? Ironically, I got the call today that her EEG she had done last week was normal. We are so thankful to God for his continued healing to her little brain and that she can stay off her Trileptal. We see the neurologist again in January. Thank you, Lord! Thanks for all your prayers for Bel as well.

I feel like there is so much to tell you about. I can only log on a few days a week and so I will try to keep up with all that is happened.

On Saturday I took the kids and drove to Athens. We were only there for the day but we packed a lot into that day. I am posting pictures of Great-grandma Williams showing the kids how to make napkin dolls on a rainy day. Aunt Jo took the kids horse-back riding. Kris's parents made us an awesome meal. Wesley got to help out with the corn! Mrs. Mc Daniel gave the girls some beautiful flowers for 2 bouquets.

Kris was busy back home putting in doors and plumbing. We can now lock the place up.

We are looking for ideas to call our building location. For so long it has been the property but now that we are going to be living there it doesn't sound right. It is a garage now but that will be changing too. Any ideas?

Enjoy the pictures!

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