Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching up

Oh what an Autumn it has been! I feel the need to borrow a line from my cousin-in-law's post, "October, you are such a happy but hyper little month! Your warm days have a summery feel that lulls us into feeling we can relax..but there's much to be done." (from Janna) Are you feeling this way in the mid-west? I know FL never quite had that feel although a slight change could be noted in the air around this time. We have been enjoying this Fall. I think it began with the university's homecoming but this past weekend was pretty fun as well. We spent some time at Micah's farm and then went to Athens for Grandma W. 95th birthday party. In between we have said good-bye to our garden...a very faithful and prosperous friend this year for us! I hope you are enjoying your month as well. Happy Fall!


Betsy said...

I think I'm done with our garden, too...although my carrots aren't ready to be dug up yet!

Marcia said...

I have 3 experienced helpers I can loan you when it is time to harvest them, Betsy!