Thursday, May 21, 2009

On growing things...

It's late and my house is quiet now as the kids are asleep. It is a quiet, reflective time as I just finished reading a book and trying to see some common themes of all that has happened this week.

Wesley turned 10 on Monday. It is amazing to me to see how he is changing in so many ways. At his physical he questioned his doctor for 15 min. on various concerns he has noticed about himself. He is growing taller and is reading so much that I cannot keep up with his books. I am very thankful for our library and Aunts that have helped keep his mind growing as well.

We officially "put in our garden" this week. It is exciting to see some green now in a plot that got to rest for the winter. It was more exciting to see that there were some plants that came back on their own! Some plants that we had worked hard at starting early died and others that we didn't put any effort into flourished. How strange is that? I found myself singing, "God causes all things to grow..." and praying that I will be as diligent in nurturing the people as well as the plants in my little garden of life.

Kristianna had a little gathering tonight of some of her friends and one of the Middle school sponsors from our church. After Wesley's party on Sat. it was surprisingly calm.

Isabel's little mind has been challenged by her kindergarten screening and can't quite seem to learn enough in a day. She is practicing new words and trying to write as many as she can. I had to describe to her that a 'pound' was a place for stray dogs and a 'hound' was another word for a dog. These words bothered her a lot today. She also was struggling with 'polling' not being a word and using 'pollen' instead.

Kris and Susan are off to complete another one of their training goals and are running the Vermont Marathon this weekend. We are spending time with each others' Moms this weekend.

Now it is off to bed. May you have an enjoyable begining to your holiday weekend.


Betsy said...

It was good to come over and catch up! I put in half of my garden on Wednesday. Hopefully the other half will get in over the weekend!

So cute that Wesley had lots of questions for the doctor instead of vise versa.

Vermont marathon as in the state of Vermont? Good for them!

Enjoy the holiday!

marciawilliams said...

Good to see you "stopping by", Betsy. Kris and Susan are almost home!