Monday, January 5, 2009

Lessons learned at the rink

Our kids were very excited to go try out new skate guards, winter atire, and to skate as well. Heidi and I took them this past week. Each time we have gone skating they all have improved. Wesley's goal was to skate around the hockey-sized rink 100 times. I think his total was 132 and he figured out he was skating about 2 laps a minute. Kristianna would love to be taking figure skating lessons and she was thrilled to be able to watch a lesson in progress and pick up pointers. Isabel seemed content at first to skate with us and then decided that she would like to do this on her own. She wouldn't let anyone help her or even skate next to her. She wanted us all to leave her be. It is a little hard to leave a shuffling 4-year-old in a crowd and skate away but let me assure you she would have it no other way! It took her 14 minutes to complete a lap and she "skated" 2.5 laps without holding onto the walls or us (of course!). By the time she was finished she was falling asleep as I took off her skates! It was a lesson for me as well in giving growing kids space to accomplish their own goals.

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sharie said...

I'm glad I was able to see Heidi...even if it was for too short of time. We ran by the house this weekend...looks great! We'll be out soon! Why did you go to the rink? You have a beautiful ice rink in your backyard, especially today, I am sure!