Saturday, November 15, 2008

Snow and friends

We had several guests come over after enduring some winter-like conditions at the National Christian College Cross Country meet. It was so nice for some of the same people who came last year as we were just moving into the garage to come back and see us moving again. Today was the first day I have seen Kris actually sit down since we have moved. Our kids were THRILLED to see a bit of snow. As I am writing this it has all melted but the sounds of excited voices and the feel of cold fingers trying to make a snow ball are still echoing through our log walls. We hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Betsy said...

The snow was beautiful, wasn't it! Such huge flakes...but very short-lived! :) Can't believe you've been in your home a week already!

marciawilliams said...

It was such a nice treat. The house is feeling more like home this week and less like a building project. I have noticed that visitors now aren't noticing the details but the whole picture more...not sure if that makes sense. There are still more boxes but we enjoyed today. See you tomorrow! :)