Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A good day

This is one of those nights where we are all happily exhausted. We are thankful for the following:
1. The final plumbing inspection PASSED today! :) (and no, Dad, we didn't have to bribe them)
2. 14 quarts of pears canned
3. A sweet "care package" arriving from Wendy in FL
4. Carpet installed in the kids bedrooms
5. Guys from our small group at church who came over tonight and helped move our refrigerator (aka Susan's wardrobe) from the garage to it's spot in the kitchen. We took it up the back steps only to find out at the top that it was just a bit too big so it had to go down steps and then up on the porch. Extra thanks, guys! They also moved boards and helped Kris clear out the basement so it can become a work area now that the rest of the house is in its about finished stage.
We all enjoyed sitting on the floor and boards and eating apple pie and ice cream tonight after a productive day.
One more inspection remains.


Betsy said...

Poor Susan! Where will she put her undies? :) You know when the frig and carpet start going in that you are very, very close! I canned pears a few years ago and they were so yummy! You've inspired me to can more next year!
And the new blog look is great and as a fun coincidence, the word verification below for me to type is 'remod' :)...just like you did to your blog..remodel!

marciawilliams said...

Awww...I guess with all the new construction going on I forget that you can still touch up old things. Hope all is going with you at your home.