Monday, August 4, 2008

Progress and friends!

I am amazed at what progress can look like sometimes. For so long we have been able to measure our goals by the size of the walls, or the completeness of the roof. Now things are a bit more vague and messy! Kris, Vern, and Vonn worked this weekend to dig ditches, build steps, and put up a deck. The trenches need to stay open until the rough electric inspection. We are excited about the strides being made but they are difficult to see in pictures.
On a more social note, we got to hang out with Vonn's family this weekend. We had so much fun getting to know people we have heard so much about over 14 years. Susan is scheduled to arrive today and my kids are SO excited to have her around again. Vern will be with us until Tues.
We hope you are enjoying time with family and friends this summer.

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Betsy said...

5:47am...?? What are doing up so early posting? :) I still like to hear about the progress, even if it doesn't seem to be very exciting. Hope you have a great week!