Tuesday, March 4, 2008

6 more rows added!

According to Katahdin, "Northern White Cedar has an R-Value/Thermal Mass Factor of 3.78.(5)" On this past sunny Saturday as we were moving the 2 remaining log stacks from the yard to the sub floor, we contemplated a new term...the M-Value. Apparently the logs covered with a tarp kept these little guys protected.

We had a weekend with nice weather and extra hands. On Sat. Pete Gayer came and helped Kris. They were able to put up 2 rows on the second story that day. On Sunday we celebrated with the Bolenders' our Isabelle/Isabel birthdays as both of the girls have birthdays in the same week.

When the kids weren't helping with the logs they were playing "Chronicles of Narnia", "Penguin", and ice skated on a growing ice patch in our yard. As you can see the upstairs loft area is starting to take shape. It is exciting to see the progress in real life. I hope these pictures enable you to see it too!
Oh...I had to work this weekend. Kris decided to move a log pile at 11PM because it was so nice out and he couldn't sleep! :) You can see this large stack behind him in the above picture under a tarp. Where the pile is will eventually be the master bedroom.

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