Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After the ice...

The weather this week has kept us on our toes. We had snow on Thursday followed by freezing rain on Friday. The sun came out on Saturday and, despite the cold, turned out to be a beautiful day. Today is a rainy kind of day but as you can see Kris is still out there trying to work on the house for a few hours at least.

On Friday night we drove in the ice to get to the skating rink in Kettering for the dollar skate with Cedarville University. This was the first time the kids have been on an indoor rink and they loved it!

Saturday we stopped by a park that has about 5 old log homes. Someday we would like to look around at them a little more but on this day it wasn't plowed.

We also went to see the Little Miami River in the Winter. Kristianna and Wes were so surprised to see how it had changed from this summer!
We tried to take some pictures of the trees. It was a spectacular site to see the sun shining on their ice-covered branches. I don't think that these pictures quite do it justice but it they are still pretty.

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