Sunday, December 30, 2007

Row #10

Kris was able to finish row # 10 yesterday. He has lost his building buddy now because the logs are taller then Wesley! They will be about even with Kris's head on #11. Almost time for scaffolding I guess! We had more visitors today. They Kinseys' came from FL. Above is a picture of Kristianna with her best friend for so many years. We had so much fun catching up with them! Kris's family also stopped by today. Heidi (also visiting from FL), Pete (about to fly back to Dallas), and Mom and Dad W. It was a fun and full day.
We have been looking back at the notable events over 2007. How great is our God! I am amazed at all He has done. A few highlights....selling our house in a market that wasn't moving.....Isabel off her here...healing for friends and family. Although we have had some sad and disappointing times, it has been a good year. May this time of reflection leave you with similar conclusions.
Happy New Years' Eve!

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